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Our Destructive world
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S Mitra


Destructive world we live now...

There may be two ways to live in this world - the constructive or the destructive way. The way recent news are shaping with Paris attack, Russian Airline blow up in the sky, or recent attack on innocents in California, it looks we are clearly going on a downward spiral and losing hope of how to handle these situations. It is getting extremely complex and too difficult to manage or discover the warning signs to safe guard common people who have nothing to do it any of the politics or fanatic and should not be the target of the hatred. But just like a cat scratch a soft surface, these killers always choose the soft, easy, and innocent targets to make their point or alliance or whatever. It is silly and disgusting to see how a so called educated person is radicalized by fanatic people. But the cost of these acts is now too high not to ignore and address.

Let's consider any mass shootings for no reason like Mumbai attack or Paris attack or attack now here in California. The killers are from different backgrounds - Mumbai attack was done by poor Pakistani guys who was brain-washed to kill anybody, Paris attack was done by Muslim Europeans radicalized by ISIS propaganda, and here in California, it is also by Pakistani - so called educated but radicalized suddenly. So, common factor in all these is process of radicalization. A person can believe in certain dogma for any reason at a certain point in life and it doesn't need to have any associated reason for it, we probably can find out the signals in some other forms like sudden change in behavior or change in their justification or mixing with people. While technology is now more helpful today it is still not capable of these sudden changes so easily without human input. It will take years for technology or process to alert us for this type of act. So can we get these human inputs from the place where radicalization may take place like mosque?
The other problem is social media and its usage. While any social media has a responsibly to the society, it also needs to have a protocol or process to alert immediately if anything is posted which causes public harm. We are still far from there. We also know ISIS are adept at social media and use it craftily to recruit or indulge. Why can't we implement something of pending process for posting on twitter or Facebook? I know with a billion people using it, it may not be a feasible option from business perspective but when we know it harms the society so much, why can't we try to put a filter on these messages somehow to stop this.

The problem is as I stated before people are becoming desensitize to it as every week we are hearing something like this on news. None of us seem to care much other than showing concern. But it is making the things worse day by day. The killers are getting more encouraged by lack of action from public. It is unfortunate to see the destructive force has taken over the will of cooperation and tolerance.

In a world of multicultural society, we will have grudge and difference with others, we will have our opinion different from others - does killing a few innocents lives answer or resolve that problem. An empty or brain washed mind may not have an answer for it, but we, the public, should have the discussion to find the answer. Otherwise, the darker days will be ahead of us.

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