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Gujrat ...Modistan?

For last 22 years, Gujrat is under BJP rule - almost challenging Left front's 34 years of rule in our West Bengal. We all know what Left Front did in 34 years but Gujrat election results so far says people are always with BJP and like its approach. Wasn't it the same for Left Front till they were kicked out and now almost vanished from political arena from West Bengal? In a true democracy, it is highly likely - anti-incumbency wind flows every now and then and parties mostly take turn in every 1-2 elections. It happens regularly in US elections where democracy works probably at its best unless it is a place of real polarized and biased people. It is true parts of America where people still are still highly prejudiced or politically biased. It is expected in a large democracy. Considering Gujrat's business minded people, it is strange to fathom they like one party over other on a consistent basis.

Just like Jyoti Basu, Gujrat is for Modi. Jyoti Basu ruled West Bengal to abolish industry and made it a bandth friendly state and also made it a cadre raj system to rule. He pampered his cadre with power and ruled with false promises with his so-called intellectual. When he exited CM, it was not long (around 6+years) for Left Front to fold and lost election. The same is happening in Gujrat - Modi ruled by Hindu flare talks and promises. But now with his exit from state politics, Gujrat BJP is struggling. Only a couple of month they were talking about taking 150 seats of 182 and now a simple majority will do a lot for them. Granted Gujrat and West Bengal situation is different - electorate is different, expectation and mindsets are different. Also, only 9.3% of Gujrat electorate is Muslim whereas it is almost 26% in West Bengal. So, the calculations made by the politicians to come to power have to be different.

Modi talked a lot about "ache din" - where is it? Do Gujrati people have that? GST is projected to be good for everyone. So, why are Gujratis not that happy with its own patron who promoted this? Demonetization was to take black money out - so it should be good for Gujrat. So, why BJP in Gujrat seems nervous now?  Why PM has to bring Pakistan's name to Congress in his election campaign. Is he losing his mojo as a election magician? After all the efforts by Congress and others, Gujrat may still go with BJP but it shows how manipulated India's elections still are and how even in democracy a party can still rule 22+ years with a stamp of democracy.

Democracy expects a lot of things and these election results shows the deficiencies of it clearly.

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