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2G scam ... a hysteria?

Yes, there is no doubt that India is a place on earth where emotion drives a lot of thing - even our own Government. That is the reason we have a PM who has to shed tears in front of media to show 1.3 billion people how he cares. It may be a drama but it works - particularly to those with less education and driven by stimulated passion by the act. Even if it is rude for me to say that, it is really the truth in India. People have opinions or judgement based on what media delivers and what others say. A very few people really want to challenge themselves to think or crosscheck it.

2G scam is one of them. We have the decision out with all 15 people acquitted from it and are given a clean chit. The court interpreted it as a selective events and propaganda by media and motivated individuals to create public judgement which eventually was the reason for UPA downfall. The judicial system fails to recognize that or indulge that. This judgement shows in India - we still have a democracy where judicial system still works independent of political system - even though it is certain present NDA government will use all its resources to change the ruling to its likings before election.

While it is a judgement which should be hailed for now - there is a critical question to ask - what happened to 1.76 lakh crore of revenue lost for this scheme. While the court said it correctly - the complicated language of rulebook which telecom professionals cannot understand clearly cannot be held against the accused, who created those rule-books in the first place and why? Who is to be blamed and who should take the ownership of lost revenue? While it is common for media to suspect at anything in India, we rarely see constructive plan or even constructive criticism in India. The news needs to be juicy (like Kohli marying Anushka) or some "breaking news" kind of story with made up stuffs out of context. It gives public support and creates so called public opinion which is essentially baseless. 2 G scheme and its result as of now shows how ad-hoc our political and decision making systems are and how irresponsible and unaccountable those public figures are. It may not be criminal offence to be negligent but it expected out of them. However, this argument works on masses where it expects results.

In India, we love to talk about anything, boast about silly things, criticize about anything –yet we are still far away to take ownership of things and expect results from responsible one and make them accountable. Till then, it is another ShowTime on TV or newspaper and chatty gossip everywhere.



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