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Voice Of Bengal::Politics
Trisha Sen
Who's the best of them all?

For a long time Bollywood or in other words The Silver Screen has been the core of glamour and opportunity in the world of entertainment. But does these words can only be associated to the Silver Screen? Keeping in mind the present trends of the television programmes (particularly the soap dramas) one can obviously say "NO". In today's entertainment business the Small Screen is gradually emerging as a parallel center of glamour and opportunity to the Silver Screen. The amount of popularity, attraction, wealth, high-life, glitter, and openings offered by the cinema to the actors are also equally provided, if not more, by the telly. People are appreciating and accepting the television stars to the same level as their bigger counterparts. They are showering equal amount of love to their small screen favourites. Today the discussion about the lives and careers of Smriti Irani (Tulsi of Kyun ki Saans….) Sweeta Tiwari (Prerna of Kasuti Zindegi Kay), Shakshi Tanwar ( Parvati of Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki) Amna Shariff ( Kashish of Kanhin to Hoga), Gauri (Pradhan) Tejwani & Hiten Tejwani ( Nandini & Karan of Kyiun Ki…..)[the list is endless], in the newspapers or on television, through gossip shows like Kandy Floss (Sony), Archana Talkies (Sony) Parde Ke Piche (Star) Sans Bahu aur Sazish (Star News Hindi) dedicated mostly for the television stars, are read or watched by almost everyone as in the case of Aishwariya, Rani and Kareena. These stars have become screen goddesses and are even considered as style icons. This drastic conversion of the television domain has taken place mainly due to the change in their presentation and outlook. In today's serials we get to see the actors in smart and glamorous look, even the techniques of promotion of any television programmes have changed to the level of bollywood style. Thus it is very well noticeable that in today's time these small screen actors are getting same kind of promotion, attention and celebrity status like the bollywood stars, which brings to them more wealth than ever before. We even witness the same kind of appeal, charm, excitement and magic that are involved in any award ceremonies of the silver screen reflecting from the small screen as well. The example of such biggest and popular events relating to small screen are Indian Telly Awards, Indian Television Academy Awards and most awaited, innovative star parivar Awards. In these glitzy functions one finds the similar kind of gorgeous presentation, starting from the stage decorations to the performances of the stars along with the huge media coverage as seen in the events like Stardust Awards, Zee Cine Awards, Film fare Awards, IIFA Awards and so on, and people watch them with the same eagerness. The change also owes largely to the varieties and choices of roles offered by the television to the actors as well as the accessibility to the career than in the films. This has given the audiences many fresh faces along with talents not only pleasing the audience with their acting acumen but also in dancing.


Today our small screen stars can, not only act but can also move their feet to the songs and rhythms of item numbers like their counterparts in the film industry. Today the Small Screen also happens to present instant success and overnight superstardom to the actors as well as time, to prove their talents. Stars like Iqbal Khan (Angad of Kaisa Yeh Pyaar Hai) proved themselves to be worthy and genius in their field, bagging huge fans and attaining superstardom, which they failed to do on the silver screen. Even stars like Archana Puran Sing after leaving their small careers in movies has moved to stardom on television by hosting talk shows like Archana Talkies and Kandy Floss with offers to be a part of the world of soaps. Moreover the small screen is also attracting big actors like Amrita Sing( Nitya Nanda of Kavyanjali) Karishma Kapoor ( Karishma) Sridevi and others to join, which they are warmly welcoming. Today the television celebrities are demonstrating more versatility than the bollywood celebrities bridging the gap and difference between the small screen and the cinema.
In fact the small screen has now become a strong and equal competitor to the silver screen in the world of Entertainment.

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