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Professionals giving priority to a secure & hassle-free future


    Disintegration of joint families started a few decades ago due to a number of socio-economic reasons. Financial independence bred aspiration for freedom in male members of a family and prompted them to set up dream families of their choice. They found it a bit too oppressive to subject their personal likes and dislikes to those of other members of the family, under the supervision of the head of the family.

    The other major factor that expedited the disintegration of families was gradual assimilation of modern Western values in our social life. Living away from the parents is a prominent feature of the Western family set-up. Many found it uncomfortable to live under constant parental vigil and opted for separate families of their own.

    Nuclear family system got the biggest boost in the past ten years, when expansion of the technology and service sectors generated a huge number of lucrative jobs that required the young employees to relocate to other regions. Lucrative salary, fabulous perks and scintillating prospects lured the young professionals into taking up the jobs and within a short span of time, they happily settled down in new locations.

    But recession upset their scheme of things. Their enthusiasm started abating once a large chunk of the young professionals bore the brunt of salary cut and loss of job. Those who survived the recession found the clouds of financial insecurity covering the shining sky of a robust, joyful living. A large chunk of these professionals soon started feeling disenchanted with the glamorous jobs that had once pushed their ambition to a dizzying height.

    It is said that bad time is a good teacher. After spending lavishly on furnished apartments, costly imported dresses and gadgets for a few years, they felt the need for saving for the future. Going back home and living with parents, they felt, would considerably lower the monthly family expenditure and ensure a higher monthly savings.

    Other than the fear of insecurity, this 'boomerang generation' had also been irritated with the negative aspects of their jobs that were eating into their happiness. Long work hours and unrelenting stress took away the natural pleasures of life. Back at their cozy apartments after a stressful day, there was no way to have their frayed nerves soothed. As their wives were working too, these young men had to do a lot of household chores on their own before going to bed. After a few years of living away from the parents, they started feeling that in such a situation, parents could provide a very effective emotional support and help reduce the pangs of work stress. All these factors weighed heavily on their minds for sometime and finally prompted them to come back home and live with their parents.

    Last but not the least, the need to give their children a good upbringing also greatly influenced their decision to come back home. As both the husband and the wife spend long hours at office, they felt that their children would have an awful upbringing under the care and supervision of a hired governess or an Ayah in a creche. Touches of affection from grandparents would be beneficial for the children?s mental nourishment.

    Though the number of such 'comeback children' is not yet big enough, the demand for five to six bedroom flats is rising in big cities, obviously to accommodate three generations. It is a definite signal of the comeback trend, though nobody knows how long it will continue.


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