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Trisha Sen
Spread your wings of desire with bird watching tours in India

    Those who love birds, for them bird watching are like an obsession. They are always on the lookout for such opportunities that can help them fulfil their desires for bird watching even when they are on holiday. For these bird watchers and bird lovers Indian tourism offers some great tour packages.

    India has a favourable climate that attracts more than thousand species of birds and is home for them. There are near about ten noted bird sanctuaries present in India that experiences heavy footfalls of bird lovers. To promote bird watching and to increase awareness about different species of bird’s Indian tourism often organises bird watching tour in India. These bird watching tours are quite exciting for any bird watchers.

    There are several bird watching tour packages organized by different travel organizations. Details about some of the bird watching tours organized by them are being provided to you.

     One bird watching tour in India comprises of a three day tour that covers the route of Delhi to pangot in nainital to Corbett national park and back to Delhi. In this bird watching tour in India you get to bird watch at places like baggar, bajun, mongoli and kumeria.

    Another one comprises of the route from Delhi, Agra to bharatpur to Chambal. This tour generally takes place in ten days duration. In this bird watching tour in India you enjoy bird watching in bharatpur bird sanctuary and the national Chambal sanctuary where you can witness 250 species of birds along with other animals like turtles, rare gangetic river dolphins and many others.

    There is also himachal bird watching tour that includes the bird watching of himachal Pradesh. This bird watching tour in India offers bird watching in places like kamru fort in sangla, chitkul, and sarahan and tirthan valley. The trips are arranged from Delhi. The duration of this tour is ten days. Himachal Pradesh has twenty nine wild life sanctuaries and two national parks that offer outstanding opportunity for enthusiastic bird watchers to enjoy in the presence of different species of bird. Best Himachal Pradesh bird watching places includes sainj – Tirthan valley, gushani to shilt and jiwa Nala to parvati River. Another great place of bird watching in himachal Pradesh that deserves mention is the great Himalayan national park, which offers a delightful experience for the bird watchers with over three hundred species of bird, that includes Tragopan, white-crested khaleej, Himalayan swiftlets, great barbet, white throated needle tail and many others. Pin Valley National park also offers nearly three hundred species of birds.

    Now let's move to south and you have Kerala and Andaman bird watching tours waiting for you. There is a small six day bird watching tour available in Kerala that starts from Kochi Thattekkad to Munnar and back to Kochi. The Andaman bird watching tour starts from port Blair, where you can bird watch in places like Mount Harriet national Park. The next spot is sippighat from where the tour moves to Chidiya tapu and farar ganj and ends at port Blair.

    Then move a little upwards to goa. Apart from beaches goa also homes quite a lot of marvellous and wonderful bird species which can be explored with bird watching tours in goa. The places of bird watch in goa include Biera Mar Baga, Baga Hill, Morjim Beach, Lake maem, tikana and Chorao Island. Other places includes Fort aguada, backwoods, carambolim Lake, Velim lake and most importantly Dr. Salim ali bird sanctuary. The species to found in these places are Koel, Minivet, fulvetta, flowerpicker, plovers, gull, Thrush, quail, Lora robin, Pipit, roller and many more. Tours to these places can be customized.

    Most of the travel organizations that conduct bird watching tours in different parts of India also arrange customized tours of bird watching. A proper research on the net will help you more on these bird watching tours in India.

     For the bird lovers watching birds in their natural habitat is like a heavenly experience and with the help of different bird watching tour in India they can easily fulfil their desire. These kinds of tours really give the bird watchers great pleasure as they can watch these pretty creatures in natural beauty where the beauty of these creatures gets highlighted.

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