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Voice Of Bengal::Politics
S Mitra

আইন কি রেপ বন্ধ করতে পারবে?


   After the Delhi rape case, we have set up fast track court hearings for the culprits and hopefully will hear quick resolution to these cases. The question is, can law and judiciary system stop these type of crimes or even slow down the number of cases. The answer probably all of us know - NO.  But why is that? What do we need to change to make that happen? Why even knowing the probable future we are not trying to do anything?


The reason for this is not the new generation or legal difficulties of democracy. The reason is really our own culture and lack of implementation of existing rules and legal structure. This explanation is valid for probably a majority of the problems we face today. First of all, the new generation is motivated by Western world's glamor and inspired by materialistic pleasures but that may not be the issue if it is well regulated and controlled by our administration. Unfortunately, it is not the case. Today, with better income and lifestyle our traditional eastern values are on the wane and it is reflected everywhere from films, parties, cable TV programs, dresses, and simply "what defines success". For example, drinking alcohol may not be an issue, if we know how to use it responsibly. Dressing professional or glamorous is not a problem if we know which is appropriate where and dancing in a dance club late night may be fine if we know the environment we live in supports that. Unfortunately, it is not and we are too far from that reality. We are still a country where a majority still thinks woman’ place is kitchen and household work and girl child is a sin as it comes with a lot of expenses (like dowry and others). A lot of so called "educated" people still think a girl child means burden. Above all, we are run by politicians whose little or no education make it even more problematic. Our repressive society still thinks a man to "rescue" a woman and whatever we say we are not much different from most of the Muslim world. The increased Muslim population and prevalence of mediocre madrasa education or no education among them are also not helpful either. We might consider most of the Muslim dominated areas crime prone but reason is economic and lack of proper education, (though education is not a guaranty of social liberation).


The other reason is admiration or lack thereof. We have plenty of laws but implementations of those laws require intention of the admiration who are simply corrupt, useless, and pathetic. Take for example, a police station - how many of us have any faith to lodge a complaint in a police station and get a remedy by doing that. It shows how much of lack of faith we have for any administration. If someone eve tease a girl on the street, can the girl expect any result from lodging a complaint? That shows how ineffective and politicize our administration is. Till that improves, we will have status-quo.

Lastly, what motivates us in today’s world - money, fame, and other attributes really conflicts with a healthy and peaceful society. Our world is getting competitive day by day, young generation may be more informed today than us, but there mental depth hasn't gone deep and while their  materialistic pleasures like cars, flats, entertainment flourished day by day till the day they see the issue in depth and demand real justice - no justice, including those for rape cases will ever be served properly and it is bound to continue.



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