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S Mitra

Millennial Generation - spoiled?


  It came as a headline to all major newspapers today about a lady in her twenties drowned in shallow water of pool while partying with her friends in one of the upper class county club near Howrah. While the real reason for it is still under investigation, police has found this married lady was living separately from her husband as a paying guest and was visiting this party as a guest of her roommate and one of her boyfriends. Police also discovered drugs like sleeping pills in her bag which was probably mixed with beer and other alcoholic beverage to provide more pleasure. She was probably too drunk or hallucinated to face this tragedy in the shallow pool with 3 feet of water. Now, her roommate claim innocence knowing nothing about her, party organizer claims innocence not knowing her at all or knowing anything about her activity. This is our future Millennial Generation (born after 1981).

While every generation has its own right to choose its lifestyle, I am a little surprised by the direction of our Millennial Generation. Every generation thinks it had the best values and lived probably in the best of times and next generation is to blame. I completely disagree with it and believe everything happen for a reason - but it may be good or bad, time will decide. While I heard from elders British rule was good because there was discipline, our generation will call the Gen X where progress has started but Millennial generation is where things flourished for some and has gone disarray (maybe). Today we have more economic power to girls in our society than even a few decades ago, today we have more families consider girl child to be an asset than to be dumped somehow, and we have women as most powerful person in State (Mamata Banerjee) or in the country (Sonia Gandhi, till a few months back). However, it is confined to only a small section of the society and yet to spread to touch every part of India.

Millennial generation has a different set of values than others. They are mostly driven by Western influence of materialism and money. They have completely lost faith in our eastern culture. How many of this generation read about Bankim Chandra, Rabindranath or Bibhutibhushon? Money drives most of them, loyalty has no value, and car, house, smartphone, color TV, laptop, digital media, and party with all money and jazz have become the emblem of life for some. The expense has replaced saving and modest living. Ambition has become so virulent that kidnapping or murdering friend for ransom money is no longer a bad idea for some. Drugs and drinks provide temporary relief where parties defy any inhibition. TV soap operas cater to these young minds with convoluted and sometimes disgusting values. Corruption, politics, and dadagiri have tainted the vision from a normal transparent life.

While my intention is not to show glass half empty, and realize everyone has a right to decide the way to live, is it what can bring the best for our future? Is it the best way to trample our own culture to embrace the new one? We should get the Western culture of perseverance, endurance, and commitment, but it seems we are getting the worst of the Western world than good one. I won't call the Millennial Generation spoiled but definitely distracted and disillusioned. What would you say?

আমাদের কোনো রাজনৈতিক রঙ বা ইচ্ছে নেই। কিন্তু আপনাদের মত আমাদের ও মতামত আছে এবং আমরা চাই আপনি ও আপনার মতামত নির্ভয়ে পেশ করুন। আপনার লেখা "Your Voice" ট্যাব এ তখুনি পোস্ট হবে। আমরা alias support করি কিন্তু সব ইমেইল এড্রেস validate করা হয় । Invalid email address এ লেখা পোস্টিং বাতিল করে দেওয়া হবে।
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