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S Mitra


Woman - born with right?

Xx and xy - well, I am not talking about some algebraic equation here, as we know females have two of the same kind of sex chromosome (XX), and males have two distinct sex chromosomes (XY). But what a big difference this makes in this world right from the day you have come on this earth and till you keep breathing. We live in 21st century but we still don't know how to consider every human being has an equal right and freedom. We talk a lot about equality, dignity, and freedom & though Western world is ahead of us, it is still important to note US is yet to have a female president in its entire history of existence and till today a woman makes 80% of a man makes for same equivalent job at the same place. For us, the story is worse and getting worse day by day. Even though sex determination is illegal and punishable, it is still rampant for upper class or lower class for a different reason. But, while we have our mother who give us the birth, our sisters with whom we grow up, and daughters who give us joy - we still look down upon them, expecting them to homemaker. Our society, media, movies, sitcoms - all depict girls as an item girl - to be used and enjoyed by chauvinistic man.

In India, we have a history of a woman PM, a woman President, and women leaders who probably are (or were) most powerful in Indian politics. The same is true for West Bengal too. But an example never makes a rule for the society, an instance never generalizes anything, and it is a fact woman' life is getting more difficult day by day in India whether it is rape, or taunting, eve teasing or whatever. It was a time when woman supposed to be at home and take care of families only. But time has changed - women are more economically independent today and in some cases like IT or call center industries make equal contributions for its success. But still it would be a long time (probably not in our life time) we will see the same right for woman just like a man, though on paper it will be.

But why is that? The problem is purely with us and our view to our society. It is also because our inability to voice our concern publicly and loudly to the right authority. The day we will be able to consider our daughter is as good as our son and deserve exact same level of emotional, financial, and mental support, we may a be an inch closer to a better world. We all know even how a woman is humiliated when trying to report an eve teasing to a police station where she needs to report it to a man policeman. We know how our political leaders blame the woman for any eve-teasing than the culprit. It shows clearly how inept our administration is and our political or social will is. Our jaundiced view towards woman will only keep us down and it will not be gone overnight.

I understand, we all have different views and opinion, and sometime we can blame the other sex for being provocative - but before you comment on that think what would you do if your mother, your sister, you daughter or grand-daughter is treated like that? Why would you not step up to say - Yes, they all have the same right to live as I do.

আমাদের কোনো রাজনৈতিক রঙ বা ইচ্ছে নেই। কিন্তু আপনাদের মত আমাদের ও মতামত আছে এবং আমরা চাই আপনি ও আপনার মতামত নির্ভয়ে পেশ করুন। আপনার লেখা "Your Voice" ট্যাব এ তখুনি পোস্ট হবে। আমরা alias support করি কিন্তু সব ইমেইল এড্রেস validate করা হয় । Invalid email address এ লেখা পোস্টিং বাতিল করে দেওয়া হবে।
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