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S Mitra


Leftover of the society..

I recently visited India after a long time and I was surprised to see how we changed. Yes, in today's connected world, it doesn't take a long time to communicate whether it is just a phone call or video call or even conference call with anybody living any part of the world. But that is in theory. The reality bites differently.  I noticed everyone has a cell phone and quite a few have smart phones (though not sure whether they know the power of the smartphone over a phone other than camera). Though, we are complaining about our living condition and inflation, there seems to be every third store is a jewellers store. Where is the money coming from? Road condition has probably improved with blue and white color but separation of road has caused an uphill task to cross the road. A/c taxi has navigator but no driver knows how to use it. Volvo buses are good if you find one and taxi with so called 'same fare' still charges more for going anywhere with same refusal style. There were cars everywhere (with auto loan given to everyone)  with no roads to ply.

The new generation is progressing fast in our twenty-first century or is it? I see same issue in Jadavpur University, same class boycott or VC unable to run a university as he probably is incapable. Rs 100 nowadays buy you nothing; you need at least Rs 500 to go to the morning market to buy anything. Boys and girls roam around with their hands together and facebook and whatsapp are on everyone's lip. Many palatial building are built in Rajarhat and surrounding area and our didi is omnipresent with her hands folded.

But I have also seen a generation shove aside to make the room for the next. I have seen the people who were in charge before are inside the houses and next generation taken over. It is the rule of the society, it is the how one generation slowly goes off the radar, and other moves in. The new generation understands money, position and of course, gadgets to have a better lifestyle than previous one. There is nothing wrong in that but the our eastern values of respect for elders, culture, and spiritual belief have all evaporated, as if these were of no values and were obstacle to progress. Yes, some of these materialistic pleasures are the parameters of Western world and its success but will West win over East forever?

Life changes with time, we have to accept it. People changes too, we need to deal with it. Our culture, expectation, values changes with time - we have to understand that too whether we like it or not. Whether we are progressing or not -time will tell but a generation which gets old and treated like leftovers will leave silently, watching and feeling it at the dusk of its life. Do they really deserve that?

আমাদের কোনো রাজনৈতিক রঙ বা ইচ্ছে নেই। কিন্তু আপনাদের মত আমাদের ও মতামত আছে এবং আমরা চাই আপনি ও আপনার মতামত নির্ভয়ে পেশ করুন। আপনার লেখা "Your Voice" ট্যাব এ তখুনি পোস্ট হবে। আমরা alias support করি কিন্তু সব ইমেইল এড্রেস validate করা হয় । Invalid email address এ লেখা পোস্টিং বাতিল করে দেওয়া হবে।
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