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S Mitra



It has been a long time I wrote on this site. It might be my own self-introspection, or self-realization what I am doing and why. It may be a simple midlife crisis too. Suddenly, I realized a major part of my life is passed and I am unsure what I am doing, and what exactly I want to do in life. I am sure I am not the only one to be in this shoe and there are others who may have felt the same way - some before me, and some may have it after me. While most of us are so entangled with our daily chores and routines, and family life - we miss the bigger picture - what we are here for? We are all different and we all have some skills and some weaknesses. But we never realize what we have in ourselves, we never nourish what we care for, and we let us driven by social dogma, rules, and routines. Is it really the meaning of our life?

In today's world, we have a lot of tools at our disposal which we can use it at our will and today a person is probably quite powerful with the advent of social media and its popularity. However, is it really true? Can we really raise our voice in a meaningful way rather than in a raucous way or can we really have our thoughts work in a cohesive manner to achieve our goal. It is understandable there would be conflicts, and challenges but our society which has become more materialistic and is driven by ego, show off and lack of humanity - we are slowly becoming less social, more self-centered. While this is social evolution, and we need to accept it - it makes us more individualistic and less caring for others. It may be a right recipe for success in the Western world, which we are all trying to adapt in some sense - it really needs to be considered in a totalitarian way as western culture, values, perception, success factors are all different from ours. I have lived both the life myself to say that, though I consider that is my personal opinion.

Power to the masses is what we need to strive for. While just like five fingers of different sizes, every individual brings his/her own different but unique quality to the success but we get into mudslinging, insult, and egocentric behavior to spoil that efforts. A girl in a village probably has same quality as a guy who is educated in an English medium school in a city. However, to come to that level - one needs encouragement, training, supports -both financially, mentally, and not from his/her parents but society as a whole. One might very well say that is a utopian idea but if you want to dream and think positive, you need to think of a cohesive, working, complimentary society.

If we want to rise, we need to see the strength in differences, we need to believe in human values, and efforts, we need to keep faith in calamity and we need to guide others where we can.  It is hard, no doubt, but it will be rewarding. It needs determination but it is satisfying. It is difficult to pursue under duress, but it will provide the joy at the end.

If not, what's the meaning of this life - to enjoy, to be a social person just on paper. I wish it otherwise.

আমাদের কোনো রাজনৈতিক রঙ বা ইচ্ছে নেই। কিন্তু আপনাদের মত আমাদের ও মতামত আছে এবং আমরা চাই আপনি ও আপনার মতামত নির্ভয়ে পেশ করুন। আপনার লেখা "Your Voice" ট্যাব এ তখুনি পোস্ট হবে। আমরা alias support করি কিন্তু সব ইমেইল এড্রেস validate করা হয় । Invalid email address এ লেখা পোস্টিং বাতিল করে দেওয়া হবে।
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