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Birbhum is a district in West Bengal state of India. The district headquarters is located at Suri.Often called "The land of red soil" Birbhum is famous for its topography and cultural heritage which is unique and is somewhat different from that of the other districts in West Bengal.

Important geographical features in Birbhum are the khoai (eroded undulated patches of barren area), the red,laterite soil with palm trees visible from a long distance and multiple protected forested areas on the western side.

Most common trees found in the district are Neem, Shal, Piyal , Palash, Mohua . There are occasional grasslands in the relatively less fertile places. The rivers of Birbhum are: Ajay, Mayurakshi , Bakreswar, Kopai, Dvarka, Brahmani, Hinglo, Chapala, Bansloi, Pagla etc. A project on the Mayurakshi (Mor, a tributary of Ganges), that includes the Tilpara Barrage (near Suri), provides irrigation for about 600,000 ac.

The climate on the western side is dry and extreme, but is relatively milder on the eastern side. During summer temperature can shoot well above 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit) and in winters it can drop to around 10 degrees Celsius (50 degrees Fahrenheit.) It receives annual rainfall of around 1,300 mm, mostly in the monsoon months (June to September). dist/birbhum.jsp Voice Of Bengal::Travel::Birbhum

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