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Burdwan is a city of West Bengal state in eastern India. It is the headquarters of Bardhaman District .Bardhaman has been a district capital since the time of Mughals. Later on it became a district headquarters of British India. Burdwan is an alternative name for the city, which remains in use since the British period. During the Mughal period, the city was known as Sharifabad.

Burdwan is located at 23?15N 87?51E / 23.25, 87.85. It has an average elevation of 40 metres (131 ft). The city is situated a little less than 100 km north-west of Kolkata on the Grand Trunk Road (NH-2) and Eastern Railway. The chief rivers are the Damodar and Banka nala.

Burdwan has a multi-cultural heritage. The deuls (temples of rekha type) found here are reminiscent of Buddhist architecture. The various mosques and tombs remind us of Muslim culture. The old temples bear signs of Hinduism, mostly belonging to the Sakta and Vaishnava community. The famous Shrine of Sarvamangala, said to contain the remnant of Sati's body, the umbilicus, is situated here. Aside this, there are quite a number of temples and Sivalingams. dist/burdwan.jsp Voice Of Bengal::Travel::Burdwan

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Durgapur Chittaranjan Kalna Katwa

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