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Voice Of Bengal::Travel::DistrictTouristPlace This is the beautiful town of Kalimpong in West Bengal on route to Darjeeling Altitude 1,250-1,600 metres for the town area. Countryside averages 1,600 metres. Maximum Rachela 3,152 metres. Population Approximate 40,000. Main ethnic groups are Nepali, Bhutia and Lepcha. Climate Summer: Mar to Jun 15?C -25?C. Sunny days, mild weather, flora in bloom. Monsoons: Jul to Aug. Drifting clouds, rain and lush green. Autumn & Winter: Sep to Feb 7?C -15?C. Blue skies, clear views of snow peaks, sunshine. Rainfall Average Annual 2030 mm (80 inches) Season All year round Clothing Tropical in Summer with a light sweater and rainwear. Woolens in Autumn and Winter. Parka jacket for Jan-Feb. Language English, Nepali, Hindi and Tibetan.

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