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Voice Of Bengal::Travel::DistrictTouristPlace Shivaniwas is located within Krishnaganj Block in the Sadar Sub-Division and is about 26 K.M. away from Krishnanagar. Predicting an attack from the Bargis and Marathi raiders, Raja Krishna Chandra Rai (1728 ? 1782) temporarily shifted his capital from Krishnanagar to this place. The Raj Rajeswar Temple, named after Lord Shiva, was build by him in 1754. The Shivalinga enshrined in this temple is said to be the largest in Asia. The Ragniswar temple and the Ram-Sita temple built in 1762 form a composite structure alongside Raj Rajeswari Temple, locally known as Buro-Shib Mandir. The architecture of this temple bears Gothic influence. Krishnanagar is the district headquarters situated on the bank of river Jalangi. Krishnanagar is named after Raja Krishna Chandra Rai (1728 ? 1782). The Rajbari built here during the reign of Raja Krishna Chandra Rai is a prominent place of tourist attraction though the remnants of the past glory have been eroded and only a dilapidated structure of the exquisite places with carving on its inner walls exists today.

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