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Voice Of Bengal::Travel::DistrictTouristPlace Digha is situated in Purba Medinipur District and on the south west coastal border of West Bengal adjacent to Orissa State. It's distance by road from Kolkata is 175 KM via KOlkaghat, Narghat, Kanthi, etc., and 190 KM by rail via Kolaghat, Mecheda, Tamluk, etc.Digha is the most popular and oldest beach resort of West Bengal. It is 5 km.long and very wide and almost plain beach with moderate height waves. This beach town of Digha has got it's fame for the flat and hard beach.One day. Most of the people comes at the weekends or on a holiday of 3/4 days, as it is only 235 km. via Kharagpur and 175 km.via Mecheda - Norghat from Kolkata.It takes about 5 reach Digha from Shahidminar, Kolkata by bus.Digha is now connected by direct rail from Shalimar,Kolkata, which has saved at least 1 hr. to reach.Other than beach attraction

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