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Voice Of Bengal::Travel::DistrictTouristPlace Jangipur is in the Northern part of the district. It is accessible from Malda by road through NH-34. A combined tour can be planned. It is equally accessible from Berhampore. Raghunathganj - Jangipur is a Sub-Divisional town spread on both sides of the Bhagirathi, connected by a bridge. There are in the town some temples and the ruins of a silk kuthi in the town. A visit to the Subhas Dweep , an island park with a snake-garden, is a must. Charka village is about one and a half km from Raghunathganj. It has the tombs of the Pir Rejjak Shah and Jamal Khan is famous for the Muharram celebrations. Bangshabati bil on NH 34 is 8 km from Raghunathganj and on the NH-34 and attracts bird-lovers. Aurangabad is famous for its bidi industry. Nimtita Zamindari palace is where Satyajit Ray did the shooting of Jalsaghar. Farakka, the largest river barrage in the world, also attract many tourists. Many species of water birds are found in the barrage area.

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